Equine Veterinarian Grows Practice Nearly 50% by Entrusting Financial Matters to Foster Results
Equine Veterinarian Grows Practice Nearly 50% by Entrusting Financial Matters to Foster Results
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“Partnering with Foster Results gives me the peace of mind and time I need to go and be a vet. Foster handles all financial matters including making sure cash is available for me when I need it. I will always feel assured that the team is operating as efficiently as possible, and is competent and keeps my finances in confidence.”

– Brad Hill, DVM
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The Client

Equine veterinarian Brad Hill has no physical practice location. His Performance Equine, PLLC practice is ambulatory so he travels all over the United States providing wellness and diagnostic services for horses, from serious athletes to beloved family companions on site at locations such as farms, ranches, and horse show competitions.

The Challenge

In practice for many years, Dr. Hill travels most days to provide expert care to his patients, and tried to manage his daily bookkeeping needs. He oversaw a contract employee who assisted with billing clients and managing account payables. Not only was it challenging to bill clients in a timely manner, Dr. Hill was experiencing issues with accuracy of billing and reconciling his accounts. This impacted the financial health of his practice — and also created customer satisfaction issues.

The Solution

Foster Results started with the task of invoicing customers monthly and quickly evolved into a more integral role of managing account payables and receivables and collecting money from customers. Within two years of engaging Foster, Dr. Hill had entrusted all his financial matters — professional and personal — to his Foster Results team.


  • 40-50% growth in practice volume and billings
  • Financial data accuracy helped client acquire loans and open second practice
  • Client has peace of mind and financial security to spend his time caring for patients



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