Foster Results’ Daily Accounting Services Improve Quality of Life for Busy Veterinarian
Foster Results’ Daily Accounting Services Improve Quality of Life for Busy Veterinarian
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“The transition for them to take over managing all of my daily accounting tasks was easy and they cleared my plate right away. It’s also helpful to have financial experts right at my fingertips, as it makes my life easier and makes them feel like a true part of our team.”

– Dr. Wesley Arnett
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The Client

For 30 years, the Waunakee Veterinary clinic team has provided quality health care services and an unrivaled commitment to its clients through continued education, technological advances and, most importantly, administering compassionate care to the pets entrusted to them.

The Challenge

In his first few years of owning the Waunakee Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Wesley Arnett spent far more hours than he desired taking care of the daily financials involved in running a business. When paying bills, filing financial reports and general bookkeeping began to detract from the time he spent with his patients, as well as his family, he knew it was time for a change.

The Solution

Foster Results thoroughly reviewed Dr. Arnett’s daily accounting systems and quickly implemented standard operating procedures to take the day-to-day accounting work out of Dr. Arnett’s hands, while ensuring financial accuracy and efficiency. Foster now handles every detail of Dr. Arnett’s daily accounting needs, from paying invoices and reconciling bank accounts to gathering and assimilating all financial data into accurate and easily understood reports.


  • Manages day-to-day accounting work to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • Creates comprehensible financial reports based on collected data
  • Reconciles bank accounts to provide precise financial data
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