Inspection Services Provider Seeks Outsourced Accounting Firm to Manage Payroll and Day-to-Day Bookkeeping
Inspection Services Provider Seeks Outsourced Accounting Firm to Manage Payroll and Day-to-Day Bookkeeping
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"The partnership we have with Foster Results is of extreme value to us. The knowledge and experience that Foster brings to the table and the way they are able to share it has created a strong, lasting relationship. We can trust the information provided and that allows us more time to focus on other business needs."

– Andrew McMullan, CEO
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The Client

TSI Energy Solutions provides a menu of inspection services for residential, commercial, utility and water clients to identify, repair and protect homes, buildings, equipment and structures from moisture, leaks and corrosion with a dedicated focus on improving and correcting inefficient energy usage.

The Challenge

As a fast-growing business with limited accounting expertise, it became imperative for TSI to partner with an outsourced, full-service accounting partner to alleviate the burden of day-to-day bookkeeping duties, including serving as administrator of their company payroll services. Of utmost importance was finding a firm that TSI leadership could trust with “opening their books” and sharing financial information in a secure and respected environment.

The Solution

With employees located remotely, management of moneys paid to those employees was imperative. Foster Results provides TSI with a full range of payroll services to keep track of employee hours worked, expense reimbursements, employee’s credit card usage, vacation, and personal/sick time. By utilizing Foster Results to manage payroll and monitor all moneys and benefits provided to employees, TSI was able to alleviate the overhead cost of internal payroll staff while maintaining oversight control.

Foster Results was also able to streamline QuickBooks usage and provide real-time financial data in an understandable way. They reviewed and replaced TSI’s existing accounting practices with outsourced solutions that could provide usable and sound financial data while reducing the cost of accounting.


  • Streamlined accounting payroll systems and processes alleviating internal staff overhead
  • Established a process for internal financial management
  • Developed trusted lines of communication


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